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At the Sydney Airport

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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We didn't spend all day there but certainly a fair percentage. Got up this morning and left to Motel to drive to Nat's place, all of 5 minutes !! It was good to start the day reasonably refreshed rather than having endured the two hour drag up from the coast.

Piled our bags, Nat the driver, the two of us and the two granddaughters (20 and 14) into the X-Trail and headed into the miserable Canberra weather. Dropped off No2 granddaughter at her school and we were at the bus depot by just after 08:00. Our booked trip was due to depart at 10:00 and we decided that an extra hour spent at the airport was better than an hour spent at the bus depot. Approached the booking desk and brought our trip forward to 09:00. Just like that !!

The run to the airport is three hours fifteen minutes and right on time we arrived at Sydney International. Sadly it isn't quite grand spectacle we experienced in Beijing, Seoul or Singapore. We were going to be here for just on nine hours but couldn't dispose of our luggage until after 15:00 as the Emirates check-in desk was not yet open.

We filled in some time searching out places to eat, not that the choices were all that inviting. At 15:00 the check-in crew arrived and we joined the gathering crowd to hand over our suitcases. All done in minutes and off to Immigration and the Security check. There must be something unsavoury about me, I was subjected to the full body scan and then had my carry-on luggage checked for drugs !!

We walked to Gate Lounge 57 - about half way back to Moruya - and parked ourselves there to wait the five hours to our boarding time. I've spent some of that time writing this nonsense and built a rough photo collage of the food outlets. See the result at http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-08-26

Have a great day and stay well.

Cheers .. Tony

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First Day Out

Monday, 25 August 2014

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First small step on our odyssey which will eventually see us circumnavigate the world. We left home early this morning after a final check that all electrical items had been switched off and windows and doors secured.

Quite an easy trip to Queanbeyan where we chanced to meet up with an old mate as we were about to order a coffee, what should have been 15 minutes at most turned into an hour. Boy !! we can talk.

Quick visit to the Outdoor Centre to purchase a pair of hiking boots for each of us. Good quality comes at a surprisingly high price.

Then on to the Southern Cross Club for the main purpose of this early start. We visited the District Lifestyle Retirement expo to talk with the manager of Linton Village, Yass. We've decided that our next land-based address will be there and just wanted to sound out price and potential availability. Jenny has indicated that an 18 month to 2 year time-frame would be appropriate. It looks very promising so now the down-sizing will need to be addressed seriously. Spent an informative half hour chatting then had a quick lunch at the club.

Called in at the supermarket for some sustenance for this evening and breakfast in the morning before checking into the Motel for our overnight stay. Surprisingly there was FREE WiFi available so grabbed this opportunity to update the blog.

The camera hasn't been out of the bag today but there's a "filler" that may interest you at http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-08-25

Have a great day and stay well.

Cheers .. Tony

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Just Too Efficient

Saturday, 23 August 2014

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When I posted an entry last Tuesday, I thought I'd be way too busy for the rest of the week to have time for another update. here I am on a Saturday afternoon with nothing of any consequence to occupy my time.

I've updated the software on the PC and the Galaxy phone so that there's no unexpected chunks of bandwidth while working on expensive or flaky internet connections.

We've calculated the number and counted out our medications for the duration. All set for the next 5 weeks away.

Mail delivery has been stopped. Now there's a strange thing !! You have to pay the Post Office for them to NOT deliver the mail. So we're paying them more but they are doing less. I wonder if there's another example where you pay more for less service ??

We will set off on Monday morning to drive to Queanbeyan where we have one or two purchases to make that couldn't be sourced locally. We've booked a Motel room for the night. Then on Tuesday the long haul to Copenhagen begins. We will meet up with Natalie at about 07:30 where we'll have a quick bite and a cuppa. She'll then drop us off at the Bus station for the 10:00 Murrays Coach service to Sydney International Airport. That run will take 3 hours 15 minutes.

We fly out at 21:10 on Emirates flight 413 for Dubai, arriving there at 05:40 on Wednesday - flight time 14 hours 30 minutes. Our flight to Copenhagen departs Dubai at 08:30 and we arrive at 13:10 - flight time 6 hours 40 minutes. By the time we get to the Hotel we will have been travelling for close to 40 hours. I think we'll appreciate the bed !!

It is likely to be some time on Thursday before I'll get the chance to post another segment in this saga.

Until then, stay well and see you then.

The local paper recently printed one of my photos in their Hot Shot segment. This link should take you to that image on my 365 Project http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-08-09

Cheers .. Tony

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Last Posting from Home

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

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Less than a week to go and we're ready to go at any time. Clothing has been sorted out and is ready to be packed. We've almost emptied the fridge and there's not much left in the freezer. The possibility of a lengthy power outage is not very likely but I don't like leaving too much food that would spoil.

Over the last three days we've recorded about 150mm of rain, most welcome after a long dry spell. It is amazing how quickly the plants have responded and the lawn has a definite green tinge.

Attended a commemorative service in Batemans Bay yesterday to mark Vietnam Veterans Day. It was held under cover at the Soldiers Club because of the almost continuous down-pour. After the service we enjoyed a pleasant lunch and we caught up with some people we haven't seen for the best part of a year.

The next posting is likely to be from Copenhagen about a week from now. There should be Internet service at the hotel. Meanwhile, you could browse my images on the 365 Project.

This link should take you to today's image on my 365 Project http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-08-19

Cheers .. Tony

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Getting Close

Saturday, 2 August 2014

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Just over three weeks to go and just about anything that can be done has been done. Just got to be patient and while away the next three weeks.

Jenny has added some additional 'shore excursions'. We realise the ship's tours are not cheap but it is a good way to spend our 'on-board credits'. As neither of us run up a bar bill there isn't all that much we can sensibly spend aboard the ship.

One of the uncertainties that we face is what the weather will be at the various destinations and there's no way of being sure. The advice frequently offered is to pack layers and we've sorted out up to four or five layers of clothing. The bottom half isn't so much an issue but our tops are more important. I've been experimenting with layers here over the past few weeks as our morning temperatures have dipped below 5 °C.

We've both been trimming our weight in readiness for the inevitable weight gain on the cruise. Of course we've got all the best intentions to 'watch what we eat', heard that before !!

There's little more to report so this will most likely be the last entry before we start out on this journey. The Travellerspoint Planner estimates we will cover over 45,000 Km most of which are the air legs.

As always you can follow my pictorial journey on the 365 Project. This link should take you there http://365project.org/tonydebont/365

Until next time.
Cheers .... Tony

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