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First Sea Day - North Atlantic

Saturday, 20 September 2014

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Overnight the ship has provided a small hint to prove that she is indeed a ship and not a perfectly stable hotel. Speeding along at over 20 knots she is rolling just a tiny bit and pitching about 3°. Rolling is side to side motion almost totally managed by the stabilisers, pitching is end to end movement which can't be controlled. This would be a perfect ship for anyone nervous about motion sickness. There is hardly any motion at all.

Got up for my usual walk around Deck 18 and had breakfast with Jenny in the Horizon Court. With nothing planned for the morning we found some comfortable seats in 'Club 6' and kicked back to read our Kindles. Jenny claims I nodded off, must have been the ship's motion on the ocean.
Attended the port lecture for St John's Newfoundland, our next port of call. There are a good number of sea miles to cover before we get there.

Went up to Deck 16 and had a hamburger and fries from the Trident Grill and returned to the cabin and watch a movie on the TV. We've both heard of Groundhog Day but had never seen it. Strange plot but pleasant enough.

It was 'Formal Night' so quite a bit of preparation to make me look presentable, Jenny turned out pretty well as always. Lobster tails on the menu tonight and at least three out of four in our vicinity ordered it- me included.

After a leisurely dinner we made it to the early (19:00) show in the Theatre featuring the brilliant voice of Jennifer Fair. She presented both classical and popular numbers in a voice that reached notes I've never heard in a live show before. Amazing!!

Our ship continues to sail along at an amazing 22 knots and is barely ruffled by the wind and seas.

Another 25 hour day with the clock being put back another hour overnight.

There's an collage from the The Horizon Court/Bistro at http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-09-20 Where lunch time on a sea-day with all passengers aboard makes for a busy time on Deck 16. This buffet area is a very popular dinning option. Open throughout the day there is self-service food available here from 05:00 to 23:00. In addition there is 24 hour Room Service and the International Café on Deck 5 for snacks 24/7.

Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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Cobh, County Cork, Republic of Ireland

Friday, 19 September 2014

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Our ship sailed at the amazing speed of 23 knots from Belfast to arrive at Cobh at 08:30 under a dreary sky. The locals claim to have had two weeks of sunshine and the clouds arrived with the ship. I suspect the Irish are sometimes known to stretch the truth.

We set off for our two hour coach trip to Waterford through the amazing Irish countryside. In Waterford we visited the crystal factory where we were conducted through the various stages of the production. No surprise that we finished the tour in the show room. There were many exquisite treasures on sale and even a free shipping offer for purchases over EU 200.00.

We had about two hours to wander through the town and explore the many crooked, narrow cobbled streets. How the coach driver managed to get us in and out of these places still amazes me. Following a slightly different route we stopped at the town of Lismore where we were again free to wander the streets. I was particularly impressed by the quaint cottages that lined the narrow sidewalks.

Throughout the day we managed to dodge the rain which fell from time to time while we were on the coach but thankfully held off when we were walking the streets. The weather was mild throughout but the overcast combined with a mist or fog to prevent any clear photos. Lots of magnificent landscapes but devoid of perceivable detail.

We arrived at the ship's side just after 17:30 after a very long day ashore. Without bothering to change we decided to have dinner in the Horizon Court rather than the dinning room. Back in the cabin and lots of images to review. Most are 'interesting' but of questionable quality and I had some difficulty finding one to upload.

The ship is again speeding along at near maximum speed as the captain attempts to avoid some unpleasant weather on our way to St John, Newfoundland. We have three sea days as we follow the route taken by the ill fated Titanic.

Change of time zone gives us another 25 hour day just to confuse us again.

There's an image from Lismore at http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-09-19
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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