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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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We left Sydney close to 21:00 aboard a packed airbus A380-800 about 500 passengers aboard. The facilities were nothing short of outstanding with an amazing selection of movies to watch. There was also a view from the tailplane looking over the length of the aircraft, one on the nose looking forward and one in the middle looking down. Nothing much to look at after we'd taken off and a brief light show on landing.
The in-cabin service was excellent and the meals as good as any airline food we've had. The only exception would be when we once flew QANTAS Business Class to and from New York, that was an experience.

Two of the movies I watched were "Avatar" and "Railway Man". Both excellent ways to while away some of the 14 hours we were in the air.

It is 0615 Dubai time as I type this and despite a decent breakfast aboard the aircraft I'm feeling peckish and could murder a cup of decent coffee. More after we get to Copenhagen.

The impression of the airport was that of a refugee camp where thousands of people of every colour and ethnic origin sat, squatted and huddled on just about any horizontal surface. People stood about eagerly waiting for someone to vacate a seat in order to pounce on it. The ladies toilet was another disaster with a queue of dozens waiting to relieve themselves.

When our flight was called this third world impression was not diminished, our weary legs traipsed down six flights of stairs and escalators that weren't functioning. The 'gate keeper' had curtly stated "Down the stairs" not even suggesting the lift. Perhaps it wasn't working!! Next, two ineffective Immigration officials who minutely examined some passports, curtly glanced at others and took time out to answer the phone while the queue grew. Herded onto a crowded bus, fortunately well air-conditioned in the 36 °C heat. We then started on a journey with many stops and starts to the other side of the airport where we climbed the stairs into the B777 aircraft. The chaos didn't end there !! Some genius had directed another bus to the rear stairs and we, moving from the front to the rear, fought for space with the other party finding their way to the front all the while dodging those who had found their seats and we trying to stow their luggage in the overhead bins.

There's an image of the airport at http://365project.org/tonydebont/365/2014-08-27

My impression of Dubai airport ?? I had expected something glamorous, modern and efficient like Singapore but was sadly disappointed.
Once settled into our seats the crew handed out warm damp towelettes which went a long way to refresh my sense of humour and continued to provide, drinks and meals at regular intervals. I had the pleasure of a bright young woman from Brisbane as my seating companion. We chatted and whiled away the almost seven hours to Copenhagen.

Our arrival was not too tedious with only reasonable delays at Immigration and then waiting for our baggage. Once loaded onto the complementary trolley we wheeled it out to the taxi rank. All very classy Mercedes. Our driver was from Serbia, now a Danish citizen who spoke excellent English and piloted us to the Christian IV Hotel. The fare was a bit steep but I was in no mood to find our way on the trains.

The Hotel is 'QUAINT', a very ancient building with a tiny reception desk. A lovely pleasant lady who spoke perfect English and quickly provided us with a key. The quaint nature was exemplified in the tiny lift - 3 persons or 250 kg. Just room for Jenny, her suitcase and carry-on. The room is comfortable with adequate facilities and a soft comfortable BED !!

We both stripped off our outer gear and crashed at about 15:30 local time.

I'm writing this at 06:00 on Thursday having pretty much slept for the past 14 hours.

More from Copenhagen tomorrow. Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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I am really enjoying your diary of the trip, Tony. You write with such super detail that I feel that I'm right there with you both. You've had two really long days! As I said before, what an amazing journey you're on. Looking forward to following you.

by milaniet

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